What is student democracy?

Student democracy is a collective term for all students who have voluntarily taken the task of being a spokesperson for their fellow students.

The student democracy includes student representatives from each class of each course at the University college. These representatives collaborate with the Student Councils on the behalf of the other students.

The Student Council consists of 5 permanent representatives and 5 substitute representatives. Each faculty of the University college has their own Student Council. The task of the council is to be the student's spokesperson to the Student Parliament and the management of the University college.

The Student Parliament is the highest student body of the University college. They meet 1 time a month and represent the entire University college. Their task is to promote the students opinions and to take care of their interests within the University college's professional, economical and cultural areas.

Why join the student democracy?

  1. You expand your social network. The Student Parliament attends meetings and conferences across the nation, where you get the chance to meet different people from other institutions all over the country.
  2. You learn to speak up. The Student Parliament consists of 18 people, so you will gain experience in terms of talking in front of a crowd.
  3. You gain a certificate of your duty. That is an advantage when applying for a job. Students who have participated in activities outside of school have a better chance of getting the jobs they apply for.
  4. You gain an understanding of the university school's structure and will have the opportunity to work with the management of the school in different committees.
  5. Learn to take responsibility of your own situation as well as the future. You will not become "mainstreamer".
  6. Avoid being one of those students who complain about the student-situation without taking action. Demand to be heard!


Send an e-mail to studentparlament@hiof.no if you're interested in running for election.

The Studentelection 2015 is held November 10.-17. 2014.